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vice-chairman Woo, Seok Min


First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have been great support for Myungmoon pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

We, Myungmoon pharmaceutical company, are proud of a remarkable growth achieved since it was first founded in 1983 with a great ambition for the pursuit of the public healthcare.

“MYUNGMOON” stands in Korean as a “distinguished house” and embodies its entrepreneurial spirit with a motto “pioneers of the public healthcare in harmony with human resources challenging the future.”

One of the highlights in the past decade was the introduction of transdermal therapeutic system which was recognized as an introduction of transdermal therapeutic system which was recognized as an introductive chapter to the Korean pharmaceutical industry thanks to our research and development effort resulted in a new galenical form called PATCH.

Now, we would like to do our utmost towards the 21st century for embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit.
For the purpose of realizing our mission, we will continue to upgrade our research and development efforts to be a specialized and characterized pharmaceustical company, as well as realize the effective total marketing and business philosophy.

We will exert our efforts towards improving the national health and welfare through continuous research and development of the most advanced medicines until all diseases on this land are disappeared.
We hope that we can continue to enjoy your enthusiastic support and untiring guidance in the future as well.

Thank you.


vice-chairman Woo, Seok Min




Myungmoon Pharm. Co., LTD.  MYUNGMOON B/D, 946-18, DOKOK-DONG, KANGNAM-KU, SEOUL, KOREA   TEL : 02-6711-2000